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We manufacture our own line of excavator guards, conversions and attachments. We have designs for most Hyundai and Volvo models but can custom fabricate for any machine.

Our excavator conversion products include, but are not limited to:

  1. Forestry Cabs

    • Our cabs utilize factory interior panels and controls for most machines.

    • Our cabs include Margard windows for superior visibility and protection.

  2. Side guarding

    • Our side guarding is shaped to match the excavators factory profile

  3. Catwalks

  4. Toolbox Guard

  5. Boom Riser

  6. Boom Cylinder Guard

  7. Boom Light Guard

  8. Belly Pans

  9. Rock Guards

  10. Cab Risers

    • Fixed risers with toolboxes or telescoping hydraulic risers.

  11. Rear Entry Cabs

  12. Auxiliary Fuel Tank

  13. FOPS Cab Guard


Click on the images to see a larger view

Hyundai Forestry Conversion Cab showing Waycon products numbered
Volvo Rear Entry Cab with Waycon products numbered Hyundai Rear Entry Cab with Waycon products numbered Hyundai FOPS with Waycon products numbered Sennebogen Forestry Cab with Waycon products numbered
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